Our Commitment to the Military


We're Committed to Hiring our Military and Their Families

Delta Global Services is honored to employ the men and women of the military who have made great sacrifices to secure our freedom.  Delta Global Services partners with the Military Transition Assistance Programs (TAPS) and the Department of Labor and through our partnership we provide career opportunities that continue to place our military and their families to work.

Our military hires have a wealth of knowledge and skill sets which include leadership, discipline, diversity, integrity and teamwork. The men and women who have dedicated themselves to serving our country make incredible contributions to our workplace.

Delta Global Services has many opportunities for transitioning military and their families and now is a great time to put your skills, qualifications and training to work at one of the largest aviation services companies.

Management Trainee Program

Delta Global Services offers a great opportunity for selected qualified candidates to be paired with and mentored by a professional  Station Manager during a training program which lasts approximately three months. Our professional Station Managers will provide hands on experience to the Trainee in learning about the Delta Global Services culture, learning the importance of aviation safety, effective management communication, professional development, networking, leadership and motivational skills. Candidates for the program are pulled from internal applicants along with military and college recruiting. The focus of the program is for the Trainee to learn the business of Delta Global Services. During the three-month program, the Trainee will receive Station Manager pay and benefits. After completion of the program, trainees are assigned to a station to take on the full-time Station Manager role.

Enjoy a career at Delta Global Services and be a part of our Leadership or Frontline team. To apply for the positions send your resume to aviationjobs@dalgs.com and click here to apply online. to see the job opportunities.


To the Men, Women and Families who have served our great nation, and to those who have given their lives in service to our country, Delta Global Services thanks you for your commitment, dedication, and sacrifice.